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Maryland Interior Designer Quoted in Washington Post Express

I was recently asked for designer tips and tricks for storing books in small spaces by Beth Luberecki who contributes to Washington Post Express online. Although only a small quote of mine made its way to the article, (you can read the entire article by clicking HERE) I wanted to share with you some of my book storage ideas from over the years…

For commercial offices, I like to combine a bit of open book storage along with some hidden storage (for those unsightly reference books or binders that have to be kept close at hand) as shown in the desk configuration below.

Home offices are more personal. In the picture shown below, the client wanted open book storage that was readily available to the desk below.

In some cases book storage shares space with precious momentos and wine storage. Who says you can’t curl up with a good book and a glass of red? Treasured books – in this case photo books of the family – look great on a cocktail table and provide instant conversation starters with guests.

These custom designed cabinets multi-task as well. Book storage shares space with family photos, accessories, tv component storage and general storage.

Here is another cabinet I designed and had custom painted for book and other storage.

Combining books with other items (especially when there are many bookshelves) adds interest to the arrangement. Try photos, vases, candlesticks, travel memorabilia, and of course, bookends! Books can be arranged horizontally and vertically. Think outside the box when arranging books.

Bedrooms are great places to store books as well. This gives you the added convenience of pulling out a good book and reading before drifting off to sleep. The built-ins I designed below for around a bed provide a warm and cozy feeling to the bed area and make a great focal point.

Finally, one of my favorite pieces of furniture for hidden book storage is this hall chest by Century Furniture. The door slides to the side.