Archives for July 2011

Progress in the Suburbs

We’re on the home stretch now with a massive residential project that began in February 2010.

Maryland Interior Designer, Wendy Danziger has a client whose home was destroyed in a fire one week after the original drapery treatment was installed.

The unfortunate circumstances surrounding this rebuild have shown us how some people make the best of everything- the client is simply a great person with which to work and we are working to make her new home even better than it was before.

Here are a couple of progress photos. Enjoy and please follow us the progress as the end is in sight. The family will move back in August!!!!

Georgetown Jingle

Georgetown Jingle is an organization that benefits children with cancer at Georgetown University Hospital. For the second year in a row, I am participating in making a Christmas tree with a wonderful 9 year old little boy from Maryland.

Last week, the design chair of this event had a gathering for all of the designers at her home. This event was terrific and really brought everyone together. I really encourage anyone who can to participate in this wonderful event .

Here are a couple of photos of Maryland, D.C. and Virginia Interior Designer, Wendy Danziger and her new friend from this year’s Georgetown Jingle.