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Why Lighting Brightens this Maryland Interior Designer’s Day

In design, the details make the difference. In lighting design, the details make all the difference. You may have already heard that there are three different types of lighting that should be used in every room for maximum effect. General lighting is used to light living areas and walkways. Task lighting is just that; lighting used for a specific task. For example, a lamp may be used next to a chair and ottoman for reading. Finally, there is accent or ambient lighting. An example would be a light that is used to spotlight or accent a piece of artwork. These types of lighting help to layer the lighting effect, thus making for more interesting rooms. Lighting can get very complicated. In a recent home renovation I worked with lighting designer Steven Klein of Klein Lighting to assist with the overall lighting design.

Some lighting is useful, but not really great looking. Recessed lights could fall into this category. Some lighting is useful and really great looking. I would place the Boyd Cartesian Pendant in this category. The pendant is pictured to the left. We recently used this pendant in a transitional breakfast area in a home in Rockville, MD. The fixture is an unexpected detail set above the client’s large Country French wood breakfast table. The juxtaposition of the wood table with the contemporary steel fixture sets off the breakfast area in a stunning way. It also provides task lighting at the table for meals and for spreading out to work from home. This fluorescent fixture can be ordered either with a dimming feature or non-dimming. To look at other fixtures by Boyd, you can check out their website by clicking HERE.

Some of my other favorites by Boyd Lighting are shown below: