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2012 DC Design House: 17 Days and Counting!

We received an email this morning from the committee members of the DC Design House casually mentioning that our rooms need to be finished in 17 days. This is the progress on our guest bedroom so far…

Ugly bookcases removed. CHECK!
Flush mount fixtures changed to recessed lighting. CHECK!
Walls and ceiling patched. CHECK!
Gymnasium-colored floors refinished. CHECK!
Ceiling painted. CHECK!
Walls painted. CHECK!
Moulding painted. CHECK!
Window treatments made. CHECK!

So “all” that is left to is to get the chandelier and hang it, have the rug delivered, have all the furniture delivered, arrange the furniture, make the bed, hang the window treatments, accessorize, accessorize, accessorize…Whew! -Then take a deep breath and let the fun begin!

I don’t think we ever shared the “BEFORE” pictures on our blog… here are some of the “BEFOREs” and we hope you’ll come see the happily ever “AFTER”.

The 2012 DC Design House comes together at 4951 Rockwood Parkway, NW. The house opens on April 14th and runs until May 13th.