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Feeling Red, White, and Blue in Maryland

In honor of the 4th of July, we’re beginning to feel red, white, and a little blue (blue as in color, not as in sad). Red, white and blue décor is crisp and fresh looking. They are colors that say Summer is here to stay (at least for a while longer).

These items are no exception…

We love the look of these candlescapes made from rice dyed with food coloring. Colored glass would also do the trick.

Photo courtesy of www.examiner.com

This flower arrangement is sure to be a crowd pleaser at a 4th of July cookout.

Photo courtesy of www.theenglishgarden.com

What better way to watch fireworks than in these comfortable adirondack chairs!

Chairs can be found at www.adirondackchairshq.com

We can just picture sitting back and enjoying the company of family and friends with this seating arrangement.

Seating arrangement by World Market

Can you say YUM?!

Strawberries are dipped in white chocolate and then in blue colored sugar

Finally, a nautical themed room for a little boy holds up year round.

Danziger Design in Home & Design Magazine, Summer 2012

The Summer 2012 issue of Home & Design Magazine (online and print edition) features all of the rooms from the 2012 DC Design House including the comfortable and sophisticated guest bedroom by Danziger Design. Thank you to Sherry Moeller of Moki Media for her seemingly tireless efforts to promote the event. Also, thank you to Robert Radifera for his beautiful photography and Jeanne Blackburn for writing the article in the magazine.

When you pick up your Summer 2012 print edition of Home & Design, turn to page 122 of the Meet the Designers section to see one of our special Bethesda projects. Pages 178-179 show our Guest Bedroom from the 2012 DC Design House.

Click on the picture above to view it larger.

Maryland Interior Designer Can Handle It: Knobs and Pulls

Ladies, you have the perfect dress? Men, the perfect suit? Dresses and suits can’t stand alone. The perfect ensemble includes the perfect accessories…

The same is true of cabinet doors and drawers. Knobs and pulls are akin to the accessories of the cabinet world. They should complement the cabinetry… in some cases allowing the cabinet to take center stage and in other cases taking the limelight. These hardware pieces come in a multitude of sizes, shapes, colors, materials, finishes, and price ranges. Pictures are the best way to continue.

These leather and metal pulls by Doug Mockett and Co. provide sophistication and style.

Also, by Doug Mockett, these floating glass pulls on metal definitely make a statement.

Need a pull for your workroom? Never forget where your tools are stored with this hammer pull…

Knobs and pulls allow you to customize plain furniture pieces. Imagine a plain white dresser with these pulls in a little girl’s room. How adorable!

These are some of the “jewelry” pieces used recently for some clients…

The crotch mahogany vanity above received oil rubbed bronze pulls in a curved design to offset the straight lines of the vanity and to coordinate with the lav set. The pulls accent the cabinetry but do not detract from the beauty of the wood doors.

Above, a master bathroom vanity shows off its glass and metal pulls that add elegance without appearing heavy. A closeup is shown below.

And one of our very favorites, these pulls that feature Swarovski crystals are truly the icing on the cake.

Whimsical, classic, fun, sophisticated, elegant… whatever you’re looking for, knobs and pulls add the “finishing touch” to drawers and doors.