Interior Design for Guest Rooms

guest roomThe holiday season is a prime time for guests to visit your household. Unfortunately, with the lack of time and patience during the holidays, we tend to neglect the aesthetic appeal of guests rooms and other rooms in the home. While having scrumptious food on the table is a plus, boring your guests with outdated decor and design can impact the excitement on the holidays.

When people visit your home, do you think your guest rooms provides a ‘WOW’ factor? Perhaps your guest room needs a transformation into an unforgettable space that will leave your guests in awe. Over the holidays this winter, ask your guests what they would like to see for next year. Is there anything that needs improving?

Being a great host starts with being confident in your home’s appearance. Working with a professional interior design company, like Danziger Design, is a great way to showcase your home to look its best. If you have no idea where to begin, need help putting your ideas together, or you just do not have the time to style and decorate your home, Danziger Design is here to help.

Figuring out what design elements to incorporate into your guest bedroom can be tough. Danziger Design is happy to help you find the elements that gives your guest room the ‘WOW’ factor your friends and family will never forget. View our portfolio to see some of our design work in guest rooms around the Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia area. If you are interested in our interior design services, please contact us, today!

Danziger Design Speaks at Houzz Panel

Danziger DesignRecently, the Washington Design Center opened on 14th Street in D.C. The Washington Design Center houses designer showrooms from a new mix of luxury furnishings vendors, including Robert Allen, the host of the event.

Among the companies and individuals chosen to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony, and participate on a panel, was our very own Wendy Danziger!

Alongside other local designers on the panel, Wendy contributed ideas on how to utilize Houzz as a marketing tool to gain new clients and attract attention from the press. Many who attended the panel discussion seemed very eager to take advantage of Houzz, much like we did at Danziger Design.

Homeowners all around the Washington Metropolitan area are able to join Houzz to receive tips from professionals like Danziger Design free of charge. Houzz is a great tool for homeowners to get in touch with designers, as well.

Clients should feel comfortable with their designer. So, in an effort to build those relationships, Danziger Design are active on our Houzz account so we can connect with homeowners throughout the area.

Danziger Design was thrilled to participate in the incredible event and we look forward to the next opportunity to share our expertise of the design world. Contact us today to learn more about our services! Also, be sure to follow us on Houzz!

See Danziger Design in Today’s Washington Post’s House Calls

In today’s House Calls we provided our interior design solution for a living room in the Washington Post.  The challenges were to create a casual space with seating for entertaining and to maximize light in the space.

This was our “AFTER” solution…

house calls after

Illustration By Julius Goyanko For The Washington Post

We first worked with the “background” pieces to create symmetry in the room. We did this by addressing the windows and making them look unified by replacing the individual blinds with one workable Roman shade in a textured fabric.

Next, we covered the single radiator in the room with a custom radiator cover and to balance the room, we added another radiator cover on the other side.

We selected the mandarin orange rug to liven up the space and as a result kept our furniture pieces neutral to ground the room. Pops of the orange were used sparingly – on the pillows and a throw blanket.

We suggested adding recessed lighting on a dimmer to properly light the space, and we added a floor lamp with a black shade for ambient lighting. The room comfortably seats seven people. Not shown in the picture is a leather bench (in orange) that seats two people. Chairs can also be brought in from the dining room for additional seating.

Our favorite pieces in the room are the dual cocktail tables with adjustable height from Pottery Barn.
Pottery Barn Cocktail table

This is the room “BEFORE” our solution…
before house calls

Click HERE to see the article in the Washington Post.

Five Must Haves for Master Bedrooms

Master bedroomThe bedroom is often considered the sanctuary of the home. It is a space that should feel comfortable, peaceful, and soothing. Whether you enjoy relaxing after a long workday, sleeping in on a Saturday, or enjoying a space that is quiet, you should feel at peace with your bedroom.

With the right furniture and design elements, creating your perfect master bedroom is possible. Below is a list of some “must haves” for the master bedroom that we at Danziger Design feel should be incorporated in a home.

  1. A bed – This may seem obvious, as it is a bedroom, however a bed is not just for functional purposes. The bed can serve as a key design/decoration element in the master bedroom. Typically, a bed is the focus of the room, so the style of bed that is chosen alongside the bedding and pillows can change how the room feels.
  2. Storage – When it comes to feeling comfortable and peaceful, do the words convenience and organization come to mind? Providing storage for linen or other personal items in your bedroom will bring convenience into your life. Items stored in your bedroom can be specific to your bed size, decor, color preferences, and more. A cluttered and messy bedroom is not the ideal environment for relaxation.
  3. Lighting – An essential element to creating a comfortable bedroom is lighting. Adequate lighting adds warmth and structure to any room. In the bedroom, it is ideal to have three types of lighting: general (overall), task, and ambient. With general lighting, the purpose is to provide lighting for everyday activities such as getting dressed. Task lighting is best near a chair or next to the bed to serve as the perfect amount of light for reading, knitting, or other interests. Ambient lighting is an opportunity to create a mood. With a soft glow from a sconce or small lamp, you can set a tone in the bedroom.
  4. Window Treatments – Sleeping in on a Saturday morning would be tough if the sunlight shines into your eyes. With window treatments such as blinds and draperies you can complement the decor in your master bedroom while blocking the sunlight.
  5. Color that fits you – The colors you choose for your bedroom should compliment you and the style you desire for your space. When you walk into your bedroom, you can immediately determine the mood based on the colors that are chosen. Cooler colors that are not bright can evoke a peaceful feeling where as bold or dark colors add intimacy and drama.

When determining which elements to incorporate into your bedroom, consider contacting Danziger Design for a consultation. We are happy to help you find the elements that make your master bedroom perfect! View our portfolio to see some of our design work in master bedrooms around the Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia area. If you are interested in our interior design services, please contact us, today!

Contemporary vs. Transitional Style

Contemporary Style

Transitional Style Repurposed Rocker

Did you know that you might have a preference when it comes to the style of furniture you choose and not realize it? Often times, people choose furniture that they feel speaks to his or her style, personality, or taste. At Danziger Design, we will work with you to determine what style will not only fit your home, but also fit you and your family. Recognizing differences in style is a great place to start when determining what furniture you want in your home.

Two furniture styles that are popular in the Washington Metropolitan area are contemporary and transitional. What is the difference between these two styles? Let’s take a look!

Contemporary Style

Typically, contemporary designs feature minimal to no accessories compared to other designs that emphasize decoration and style. With contemporary furniture, patterns are subtle and smooth profiles are expected. “Simple and sleek” is a great way to describe this style. However, the designs may be simple, but the statement made with contemporary furniture is bold.

When it comes to color choices, choose tone-on-tone color palettes. Tan, beige, cream, black, and white are very common color choices when considering a contemporary style. You can add a pop of color with wall art, rugs, and other simple accessories.

Recently, Danziger Design repurposed a vintage rocker to complement a client’s contemporary style. In the photo you will notice the straight lines, neutral colors, and sleek design that fit the contemporary style description. With contemporary furniture, the goal is to incorporate neutral elements with straight lines and smooth features.

Transitional style

Contemporary Style Paleck Chair

Transitional Style
If you love the contemporary design and traditional design, consider combining the two. Traditional style emphasizes classic elements and craftsmanship through decor and furniture. Compared to contemporary, traditional is often considered warmer and less sleek. Marrying these styles will give you an interesting design: transitional.

Transitional style is a blend of the sleek, modern, contemporary design with the warm, well-crafted, timeless traditional design. By balancing the two styles, Danziger Design can create a beautiful, edgy if desired, transitional design in your home.

To achieve a transitional design, little to no bold colors will invoke a tranquil and clean atmosphere. The lack of color will allow you to include bolder patterns in fabric that ties in the traditional design with the contemporary design.

Using the straight lined Palecek chair in the bleached finish that was mentioned above, Danziger Design allowed the contemporary style to shine and surprise alongside other furniture. The traditional style was represented through the repurposed classic rocking chair. Combining the two styles made for a perfect, transitional style in this client’s home.

No matter what your preferences are when it comes to style, Danziger Design can help you achieve your dream design. Take a moment to view our portfolio to see some of our design work. Danziger Design serves Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia. If you are interested in our interior design services, please contact us, today!