A Few of Your Favorite Things: How to Include Them in Your Next Interior Design

interior designSo you have a few favorite things you would like to include in your home. Whether that be a color, piece of artwork, or furniture, you want your space to reflect who you are. With Danziger Design, we can work together to assist you in personalizing your space.

For your space to reflect who you are, incorporate accessories that reveal your interests, hobbies, and personality. Think of how you style your outfit each morning. What accessories do you include when showing off your mood, style, and personality? Decorating your room can be done in a similar way!

Don’t forget that you want to keep comfort in mind, especially if you are decorating a bedroom, guest room, or other space where many people can be found. If you have a favorite couch that isn’t quite comfortable, but is perfect in terms of color and design, consider placing that piece in a room used less frequently by guests. Yes, the couch may be beautiful, but don’t forget that you want your guests to feel welcomed and comfortable.

Remember the rule, less is more? Try keeping that in mind when including your favorite pieces in your next interior design. If your favorite color is yellow, it may not be the best idea to make every aspect of a room yellow. Instead, consider pops of yellow with a throw pillow, piece of artwork, or a rug.

At Danziger Design, we can work with you to incorporate all of your favorite things! Together, we can establish a design concept, manage your budget, and assist with furnishing your space. We also can help when selecting custom finishes, window treatments, flooring accessories, and lighting. Contact Danziger Design for a design consultation, today!

Interior Design Services for Busy Professionals

interior design servicesAs mentioned in our blog last month, there are many benefits to hiring an interior designer. For busy professionals, one benefit to remember is that your interior designer can handle all the time consuming aspects to decorating. Your busy schedule will no longer keep your home from looking its best after interior design services from a company like Danziger Design.

Busy professionals understand that time is of the essence. Unfortunately, the amount of time spent at work and with family and friends, decorating is not a priority on the “to do” list. With Danziger Design, we offer several design service options that we can make work with your schedule.

For busy professionals, we suggest our Full-Service Design option. With this option, Danziger Design will remain actively involved with your project. Our designers will work with you and your family to establish a design concept, manage your budget and scheduling, communicate with contractors and architects, as well as provide AutoCAD drawings. Danziger Design also will assist with furnishing your space, selecting custom finishes, window treatments, flooring accessories, lighting, and designing custom cabinetry and furniture if desired.

If our Full-Service Design option does not fit your needs, we also offer Conceptual Design options and Design Consultations. Your busy schedule is no problem for our design team. Our goal is to bring out the best in your home without intruding on your busy lifestyle. Contact us to learn more about our interior design services for busy professionals. Don’t forget to visit our Houzz profile to see some of our recent projects!

Why Hire an Interior Designer?

Interior DesignMany people do not realize the benefits of hiring an interior designer. For homeowners who invested a good amount of money into their home, it is only fitting to showcase its beauty in the best way possible.

Choosing to hire an interior designer does not come with specific qualifications. Whether you are unsure of what design elements to include in your home, you would like to learn how to incorporate current household items, or you simply lack the time needed to decorate, an interior designer can assist you.

Why hire an interior designer? There are many great reasons why hiring an interior designer can not only ease your mind, but also bring out the best in your home:

  1. Meet your budget, and your timeline. When working with an interior designer like Danziger Design, your designer will pay close attention to the budget and timeline. Designers have many resources and contacts that can help when determining where to go for the items needed to compliment your home.
  2. Save money overall! You can avoid costly mistakes that come with decorating/remodeling a home. By sticking to your budget, utilizing resources, and knowing what design elements are worth the money you plan to spend, a designer can save you money in the long run.
  3. An expert eye will provide the ‘WOW’ factor you desire. An interior designer can make a professional assessment of what needs to be done with your home. The end results will prove to ‘WOW’ you and your guests. As designers, they are creative, intuitive, and can create a space that compliments you.
  4. Selling your home? Home sales may increase. If you were going on a job interview, you would want to put your best foot forward. The same concept can be used to describe your home when it is for sale. A well decorated and designed home can increase its desirability to prospective home buyers. Families buying a home prefer to see a space that has great potential.
  5. You will learn a lot from your designer. The tips and advice you learn from your interior designer will never go to waste. Not to mention, you will gain a lot of great contacts that you can use in the future, such as contractors, painters, plumbers, and more!

Many benefits can come from hiring an interior designer. Most importantly, though, your vision for your home’s interior can come to life. Allow Danziger Design to bring out the best in your home, this year. Contact us to learn more about our interior design packages! Don’t forget to visit our Houzz Profile to see some of our recent projects.

Who Turned Out the Lights? (Proper lighting is overlooked!)

proper lightingProper lighting is essential at home, yet it is often overlooked because it seems to be a minor detail compared to other design elements. Lighting has the ability to greatly impact a home’s design and your daily life, though. It is truly an important element that deserves more attention and recognition than it normally would.

A properly illuminated home will allow you the potential to set the perfect mood, successfully accomplish tasks , and create an inviting space for guests. Proper lighting has the potential to transform any space in your home.

When it comes to illuminating your home, you may be familiar with the three basic types of lighting: accent, task, and ambient. Each type of lighting serves different purposes that can add warmth and structure to your space.

Ambient lighting is essentially general lighting. This type of lighting serves to illuminate the entire space and provide overall lighting throughout the room. This type of lighting is typical and often achieved through ceiling fans, wall sconces, and floor lamps.

Task lighting is a bit more specific compared to general lighting. The purpose of task lighting is to illuminate a specific area of the room. For example, a task light could be installed above your kitchen counters to provide extra illumination when preparing food. In a study area, you may find task lighting in the form of a table lamp.

Accent lighting can be considered “mood lighting.” Homeowners who want to highlight a particular piece of art or object in their home would use accent lighting. Accent lighting is often done through track or recessed lighting.

Each room can be illuminated in a way that fits a particular mood or design of the space. For example, if you are lighting a bedroom, ambient (general), task, and accent lighting can all be utilized to create a welcoming and warm space.

To learn more about proper lighting for your home (or any other design elements), contact Danziger Design. We will provide you with great options to consider that can transform your space. Danziger Design can help you achieve your dream design for any space in your home. Take a moment to view our portfolio to see some of our design work. We serve Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia.

If you are interested in learning more about our interior design services, contact us today!

Dealing with a Small Space? Consider these tips!

small spaceWhether you live in a smaller apartment or condo in the Washington, D.C. area, or you are presented with small spaces in your suburban home, do not be intimidated by the square footage.

Small spaces aren’t as daunting as they may seem. You can do a large amount with a small space. Consider some of the tips below and remember that even tiny things can make a huge difference!

    • When you have a blank canvas, your options will seem endless. As previously discussed on our blog this month, there is nothing wrong with a little extra space. Clutter can cause anxieties and, unfortunately, it can make a small space seem smaller. Know when to stop adding design elements to your small space. If it feels like too much, it probably is.
    • Painting the walls in your small space with lighter colors can make the room appear larger. Unlike dark colored walls, lighter colored walls will reflect light instead of absorbing it. Dark colors, although comforting or cozy, make the room feel smaller. Go monochromatic with light hues and expand those walls! Also, you can paint your ceiling so the room will feel taller.
    • You may be familiar with the mirror trick. It’s true! Mirrors on a wall can help to create an illusion of more space. Keep in mind that the placement of the mirror is important. If possible, place a mirror on the wall across from a window. Similar to light colors on a wall, the light will reflect off the mirror and make the room appear more spacious.
    • Don’t be afraid to throw it away! A perk of living in a smaller space is that you will often feel the need to declutter. There is no need to save something that is cramping the, already, small space. However, if you are unsure about an item, use hidden storage pieces, such as an ottoman, where you can tuck it away until you need it.
    • Leave those windows uncovered. Although it may seem a bit invasive to do this, it can illude your mind to believe that your small space has depth. If privacy is necessary, use sheer or lightly colored drapery on the windows.

There are many design tricks that can make your small space appear larger. At Danziger Design, we can make the most of your space, both large and small.

We offer full service design, conceptual design, home transition assistance, or simply a design consultation. No matter what your needs, Danziger Design can help! Visit our website and contact Danziger Design to learn more!