Really Living in your Living Room

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Your living room is the area of your home where life takes place. It’s where you relax after a long day at work, entertain your friends, and spend time with family. As arguably the most-used room, it ought to be your most-loved room as well. The living room should be a space that not only reflects your individuality and aesthetic, but also welcomes others with open arms.

Whether you’re designing your living room in a new home or redesigning your existing one, it is vital to keep two things in mind: functionality and flow. Blending the two takes a good amount of imagination and inspiration.



To emphasize functionality in your living room, you must prioritize your needs. Ask yourself: what functions does this room need to serve? If you have limited area, maybe you need to think about combining the living room with a home office or other multi-functional space. Maybe your main priorities are to create a space for entertaining guests and design an elegant, welcoming atmosphere, or maybe you just want a room that serves one purpose: relaxation. Whatever your main concerns are, they are the fundamentals in creating a functional space. You shouldn’t have to adjust your space constantly to meet your priorities; instead, the perfect design will reflect your needs. If your priority is relaxation, group cozy seating together in a nook with a prime TV view. If your concern is for entertaining guests, there should be plenty of seating options grouped to optimize conversation. Outline your goals beforehand to develop a functional design for a flawless home.



A flowing living room is one that considers balance, empty space, and traffic.  Make sure your room is not an obstacle course. There should be clear paths to pass through the space without bumping into any furniture or fixtures. Keep entryways clear and furniture a safe distance from them. Pull your seating options away from walls and let them float. This will create a more inviting and comfortable space and keep the traffic flow outside of the seating area. Balance solid heavy furniture with light and airy. Consider the connection between the pieces of furniture in relation to one another. Use your room’s functions and focal points to maximize the flow.


Your living room should be a space you actually want to live in. At Danziger Design, we can help you transform that once dull area into a functional and flowing atmosphere. To learn more about our interior design services, contact us today!

Artfully Display Your Travel Finds

Postcards from Rachel/

Postcards from Rachel/


Purchasing souvenirs while traveling always seems like a great way to keep the memories from the trip alive. However, when you arrive back home, a distinct challenge awaits you – how can you incorporate them into your home without creating dust-collecting clutter and eyesores? Here are some inspiring ways to showcase those travel finds that will effectively keep your vacation memories alive without deranging your home.


Memory Jars


Filling glass jars with your travel treasures give you a way to display your trinkets, photos, currency, etc. without taking up too much space. Line up the jars on a shelf or display them sporadically throughout your home. You can update or rearrange the items as frequently as you want with little to no effort and they will always serve as a great conversation piece for company.




A similar – but more intricate – way of exhibiting your mementos is to arrange them in a shadow box. Use photos or postcards, or cut letters to spell out the destination as a backdrop and place your souvenirs as you desire around the box. Create a new box for each vacation and fill it with your favorite treasures. Hang them on your bedroom or living wall, or all throughout the house to create a gallery-like environment.


Coffee Tables


Glass-top coffee tables with hollowed centers allow you to showcase your travel knickknacks in a casual, but attention-grabbing way. If you’re feeling particularly artistic, you could even fill it with sand from your trips before laying the trinkets and photographs along top. Not only will this give you a way to incorporate your mementos into your home aesthetic, but will also give you a storage place for your finds. Gallery coffee tables make an excellent centerpiece for your living room and allow you to constantly relive the memories of vacations past.


Vacation Box


Use wooden boxes to store away your souvenirs in an adorable and organized way. Paint your box in a creative fashion and stencil the name of the destination on the side to display on a shelf or table. Stack individual boxes as your vacation mementos increase and explore the contents easily whenever you’d like. Vacation boxes make for, not only great storage for your mementos, but also a very subtle, yet chic display on a bookshelf or side table.

Gallery Wall


Frame your paper keepsakes rather than pile them up in a drawer or hide them away in a scrapbook. Maps, postcards, photos, brochures, currency, etc. can easily be positioned into frames. You can combine all of your items in a large frame and make one all-inclusive collage, or you can frame items individually in matching or mix-matching frames to hang in a gallery-type way on walls in your bedroom, hallway, or other spots that you walk past on a regular basis. Not only will your personal travel gallery look stylish, but will also remind you of all of your journeys with a sentimental smile.


Rather than let your travel finds clutter up your home, make the memories part of your décor. At Danziger Design we can help you turn your nostalgic souvenirs into tasteful and effective art displays for your home. Contact us today for a design consultation so your home vision can be brought to life.

Multi-tasking Lives Call for Multi-tasking Tables (Functional and stylish tables)

Family RoomThe selection of tables in a particular space can transform not only the personality and mood in the room, but also the productivity. In a world dominated by multi-tasking, our furniture should be able to serve the same purpose. Your tables should be as practical as they are easy on the eyes. Fortunately, there are countless options for functional and stylish tables available for every area in your home!

When you think of tables, there are generally three main types that come to mind: coffee tables, dining tables, and bedside tables.

Coffee tables are often used as a surface for food and drink, magazines, remotes, etc. Imagine if your coffee table also served as extra seating, a bookshelf, an ottoman, doubled as a side or end table if you needed to rearrange the furniture, or even provided you with that much-needed extra storage space! These are all potential capabilities that modern coffee tables include, all while embracing a striking design that demands your attention in your living room.

TableDining tables are obviously only used for dining, right? Wrong. Dining table options not only provide distinctive and eye-catching designs, but also plenty of multi-functional concepts for transforming your home into a brilliant and versatile space. There are foldable dining tables that provide smaller homes and spaces with a solution for a permanent long table. These have the ability to act as smaller surfaces when not in use, and expand to full size only when needed. There are also split-use dining tables, in which the concepts are limitless. Some have one end that can be used as a desk by a built-in separator, while others double as game tables with some quick and simple folding. You could even try a dining table that folds into a wall fixture, such as a full-length mirror or a bookshelf. Before you choose a dining table for your home, consider the multi-functional designs and the incredible usefulness they can bring to your space.

So you’ve found the perfect bed and linens for your bedroom, now you need a space to set your lamp, book, glasses, and your glass of water. You want a stylish table to compliment the room, but you also need to consider storage, seating options, and your limited space for other furniture. Lucky for you there are bedside tables that help with these things individually, and some that incorporate all of the above while still providing you with that sleek and attractive style you desire.

Not long ago, furniture served only one purpose – a table was just a table. In the creative and inventive world we live in today, tables are capable of providing us much more than simply a surface to place things on. Of course, the design and material are vital in your selection, but practicality and usefulness should also be fundamental factors to consider when transforming your home.

Contact Danziger Design to learn more about functional and stylish table selections and tips. We can help you transform your space into a productive, practical, and tasteful atmosphere. An expert eye can help your vision come to life!

Contact Danziger Design to learn more about our interior design services today!

Have a Seat: Making Good Seating Choices

Blog-March15-1of2When guests visit, you want them to feel at home. “Have a seat,” you may say, or “make yourself comfortable.” Except, having a seat has become a guessing game for guests. As they consider where to sit, they are likely to look for the piece of furniture that appears cozy, secure, and warm. Unfortunately, simply judging furniture by its appearance is not enough. One has to sit down and be sure that this seat will provide the most comfort during his or her visit. Your job, as host, is to ensure that you make good seating choices so “have a seat” is no longer considered a daunting phrase for guests to hear.


Where do you begin? What are some tips? Since when is seating for guests more important than seating for the homeowners? These are all questions we hope are going through your mind after reading that last paragraph. So, to answer your questions, Danziger Design has compiled tips to help you begin making good seating choices.


  • Evaluate your space. That may seem obvious or too simple, but it will help you determine the size of furniture you choose, the color scheme, and much more. How the seating or the room is arranged can change the entire complexion of a room’s purpose. If you have a smaller space you need _use furniture that will not overwhelm _the room. Years ago, _ rooms were much smaller than they are today. Large furniture provides more seating, but isn’t always a necessity (especially for smaller spaces). _.
  • Stick to a budget. _ Good seating _is an investment. Would you rather have furniture that lasts ten years and can eventually be reupholstered or furniture that needs to be replaced every two? Unless you love change, you probably want the furniture that will last you for quite a number of years. _
  • Determine what you need, then add what you want. Consider what most family rooms/ living rooms/sitting rooms may include in terms of seating: _sofa(s), sectional, love seat, _chair(s), and benches _. You can begin with the seating and then add other pieces such as tables, lamps, etc._
  • Trends aren’t always timeless. The latest trends are tempting… trust us, we know! It is hard to resist trendy styles that are popular in the Washington metropolitan area. When choosing furniture, especially seating, you want long-lasting and timeless pieces. Furniture that _doesn’t goes out of style is key. If you choose a more neutral _palette for seating, you can adjust to trends _by using throw pillows, _throws, and _other accessories.
  • Remember the three “F’s” of Seating: Foundation, fill and fabric. You want to make sure your pieces have a sturdy foundation. Look for hardwood frames with quality joinery. Fill refers to what is in the cushions of your chair or sofa. You want quality fill that will last and feel comfortable for years to come. Lastly, you want fabrics that will withstand your lifestyle and will look good over time. The two are not mutually exclusive.
  • Functionality is paramount. Style and color are important, too. However, in a _family room or a family room, the most important part is where you sit! The room should be livable, comfortable, and welcoming. If it appears beautiful and _comfortable, it should feel that way, too.
  • If you don’t know, hire an interior designer. These tips may be overwhelming, and this is only the beginning. Interior designers are trained and licensed to assist homeowners in all of these areas and more_Designers_ are creative, intuitive, and can create a space that compliments you. We have access to many options and sources to create a more unique space that fits your personality and style. Together, you can determine a budget, choose a design concept, find the perfect furniture, and the expert eye can provide ‘WOW’ factor for you and your guests.


Making good seating choices is the start to creating a welcoming, warm, and cozy environment. Seating is important for any person who enters your home, especially you. From this point forward, “Have a seat,” is a thing of the past. Now you can say, “Have a seat. You won’t regret it.”

A Few of Your Favorite Things: How to Include Them in Your Next Interior Design

interior designSo you have a few favorite things you would like to include in your home. Whether that be a color, piece of artwork, or furniture, you want your space to reflect who you are. With Danziger Design, we can work together to assist you in personalizing your space.

For your space to reflect who you are, incorporate accessories that reveal your interests, hobbies, and personality. Think of how you style your outfit each morning. What accessories do you include when showing off your mood, style, and personality? Decorating your room can be done in a similar way!

Don’t forget that you want to keep comfort in mind, especially if you are decorating a bedroom, guest room, or other space where many people can be found. If you have a favorite couch that isn’t quite comfortable, but is perfect in terms of color and design, consider placing that piece in a room used less frequently by guests. Yes, the couch may be beautiful, but don’t forget that you want your guests to feel welcomed and comfortable.

Remember the rule, less is more? Try keeping that in mind when including your favorite pieces in your next interior design. If your favorite color is yellow, it may not be the best idea to make every aspect of a room yellow. Instead, consider pops of yellow with a throw pillow, piece of artwork, or a rug.

At Danziger Design, we can work with you to incorporate all of your favorite things! Together, we can establish a design concept, manage your budget, and assist with furnishing your space. We also can help when selecting custom finishes, window treatments, flooring accessories, and lighting. Contact Danziger Design for a design consultation, today!