2012 DC Design House: Behind the Scenes with Danziger Design

If asked to describe in words what it is like to design the Guest Bedroom for the 2012 DC Design House they would be…

Exciting, challenging and at times a bit stressful!

These adjectives describe feelings at any given time.

Here is a very quick “Behind the Scenes” look at what it has been like to prepare for the DC Design House.

JANUARY 6: Receive email inviting us to walk through the house

JANUARY 19: Walk through house – try to figure out which rooms will generate greatest interest, which rooms will require the least “maintenance”… all the while thinking LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. Lots of thoughts are provoked

2012 DC Design House

JANUARY 19-31: CRAZY-MAKING time – create a floor plan, find furniture, rug, paint colors, window treatments, fabrics, etc., etc. – hire a renderer to create “the vision” on paper, put the presentation board together. Very challenging to meet the deadlines and continue the day job!

FEBRUARY 1: Wrap the board with protective plastic, place it carefully in the car, carry it carefully to the design house, try to catch glimpses of other boards, see if anyone submitted the same room. Walk back to car. Stress but in a good way

Original board submitted to the DC Design House committee

FEBRUARY 1-9: Kind of like waiting for college acceptance letters only in 2012 one does not go to the mailbox

FEBRUARY 10: We get THE call… “Hello my name is (name excluded to provide anonymity) from the DC Design House selection committee. We would like you to be in this year’s design house, BUT… (oh no!) we would like you to do Space 15 instead of the room you submitted. Happy but “challenged” in that we would have to adapt original idea to new space. Didn’t space 15 have the nasty mattresses, asymmetric window placement, bad floors, 8 doors and no light?!!! Talk about a challenge and the need to innovate

Space 15 - BEFORE

FEBRUARY 13 – Look at Space 15. Confirmed that space 15 was, in fact, the one we thought it might be – are we up to that challenge? NO TURNING BACK NOW!

FEBRUARY 13-February 29 – Redo floor plan (this is a different space from the one submitted), redo rendering (this time on our own). STRESS! Have not done a rendering since design school days. Procure furniture, some changes need to be made because of this different room, call painter, call flooring person, call cabinet-maker, call decorative painter, call electrician, call anyone else who can help! Prepare information for DC Design House book, prepare ad for book, redo board for Bare Bones Day. All that and try to fulfill the needs of paying clients.

FEBRUARY 25 – Bare Bones Day – stand in space for 5 hours and greet visitors – this is the fun part. It comes naturally.

Wendy in Space 15 - Before on Bare Bones Day

MARCH 1-APRIL 6 – Work on the room, remove shelves, bring in floor guy, get paint, bring in painter, visit space, bring in electrician, visit space, have painter patch holes, have painter put in moulding, visit space, wash windows, work with drapery person to create window treatments, work with framing guy to design memo boards, shop for fabric, phone calls, shop for more fabric, design dog bed, redesign dog bed, select new rug (bigger space) re-redesign dog bed, work with cabinet maker to design wood shelves for closet and panels for screens, visit decorative painter to design folding screen, visit space, work with lighting designer, bring back electrician, phone calls, organize deliveries to the space, coordinate deliveries, put room inventory together, visit space, work with glass company for shelves and mirror in linen closet (soon to be perfumerie), buy accessories, go to Saks to procure more accessories, one final shopping trip for final accessories, make bed, accessorize room, embroider dog bed, put dog bed together, make dog bed cushion, pillow and bed scarf, set up dog bed, order business cards… EXHAUSTION + EXCITEMENT!

Guest Bedroom Rendering

Shelves that were originally in the room.

Deciding on a Farrow & Ball paint color for the room.

Custom Silk Guest Dog Bed

APRIL 6 – put designer tools away, the room is complete EXCITEMENT! … will people like it? STRESS!

APRIL 10 – Press/Media Day –

APRIL 13 – Design House Gala –

APRIL 14 – MAY 13 – Design House open to the public -The day is finally here

While all of this has been going on, we have been striving to give our clients the very best service that they have come to rely on.

We may have to take turns napping in our Guest Bedroom!

And the final product…

Finished Guest Bedroom

We’re not going to make it that easy for you to see…

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