Lighting Tips – Based on ASID Continuing Education Course

I am most excited to share some information gleaned from a lighting course sponsored by ASID for those Interior Designers practicing in the Washington, DC. Metro area.

The buzz word in lighting is LED- (light emitting diodes) and it is being perfected all the time. The bulb comes in many interesting shades and outlasts a fluorescent bulb.

Did you know that using Parabolics in commercial design is now thought to create shadows? It is great for lighting horizontal surfaces like conference tables but is not a good source for lighting vertical surfaces. Actually, prismatic lenses are better now since we are constantly using computers and want to avoid sitting in our own shadow.

A discussion of residential lighting led to a debate about how to eliminate glare without giving up good task lighting over bathroom sinks.

We were advised to go for sconces on either side of mirrors versus using recessed down lighting over the sink area to achieve optimum effect. Placement of 66” on center from the floor is the goal.


If scones cannot be used because of the interference of medicine cabinets, you should go back to the recessed down lighting (right) but with a fixture that will diffuse the light.

Some of the sites recommended by the instructor Steve Klein at kleinlighting.com for this purpose are referenced below.

For the Trim:
For the Housing:
For the Lamp: