Lionsgate Marketing Blitz

Recently, RP3 the advertising agency for Lionsgate Residences in Bethesda, Maryland sent out an emailblast of one of the penthouse residences in this luxury high rise.

We bring it to your attention, because our Maryland Interior Design firm designed this rather difficult space.

The purpose of this marketing blitz is to sell one of the last remaining Penthouse units at Lionsgate. The major similarity of the unit I designed and the one that is for sale is that both have a very large and open floor plan that present many design challenges.

To view the mailing, click below:

Lionsgate Marketing Blitz

The key in designing a space with an open floor plan is to create separate functional areas within the space and to unify these areas with color. Many newer homes especially in the Washington, D.C. metro area have this type of floor plan and require planning to create a space that is functional and pleasing to its residents.