Hiring a Contractor For your Next Project? You Need THIS!

You’ve decided to redo your 70’s style master bathroom. You’ve done your due diligence hiring a contractor. What’s missing?

You need an Interior Designer.

Why, you ask? Your contractor knows about scheduling a job. Your contractor knows about bringing in the different trades. Your contractor knows about installation. Your contractor knows about permits and codes. And sure, your contractor knows a little about design. But your project is going to cost money and “a little about design” is the difference between a functional bathroom and a functional bathroom that looks beautiful as well. It is also the difference between a bathroom for anybody and a bathroom designed especially for you.

Hiring a conractor

How can an interior designer help in your next project? Here are five main things we do…

We help with the selection of materials

We ask lots of questions. In the case of a master bathroom redo, we’ll ask about budget, showering habits, the look and feel of the room, likes and dislikes. Depending upon your decision making, and time constraints, we may bring you selections to choose from, or bring you to different showrooms to see what is available. We will help you hone in on the selections you like and the look you are wanting to achieve.

We can let you know if you are getting a fair price from your contractor

We have worked with many different contractors and know what the average prices are to do a renovation based on this area and the scope of your job.

We will check in all the items ordered through us

We do this to make sure the contractor has everything he/she needs prior to starting the job. For a bathroom project, this includes tile, plumbing, wall finishes, countertops, cabinets, lighting, etc. Mistakes happen. The faucet finish comes in wrong. A part doesn’t ship. Tile arrives and the color is off. We find the errors and work quickly to have them resolved so your job can begin on time.

We communicate with the contractor and with you

If something doesn’t look correct, we are the contractor’s first point of contact. You don’t have to worry about dealing with any issues that arise. In turn, we will keep you in the loop, but we are the problem solvers.

We will inspect the work

We will make visits onsite on a regular basis to make sure things are being done correctly and as you expect.


With today’s technology, we do projects where the homeowner hasn’t moved in yet, is traveling, or works and can’t keep an eye on the project. No matter what the client involvement is, we will keep your project moving smoothly.

Hiring a contractor