Country Chic Whiskey Room in Chadds Ford, PA

The Background

Every so often, a design project so special comes along that we just have to pinch ourselves to make sure we’re not dreaming. When we received the call from this young couple we were very excited. We had worked with them on two other occasions – once in their 300 year old farmhouse in West Chester, PA (see the foyer and lady’s office of that home on our Portfolio page) and more recently, in their Tribeca penthouse in New York. Their current farmhouse in Chadds Ford, PA is truly a unique home and the couple wanted our help to make it reflect their youthful vibe and personal tastes. We were certainly up for the challenge.

One room that received much attention was one that originally didn’t have much of a purpose. We began calling it the Game Room and soon that name morphed into The Whiskey Room. We can’t be sure why, although we do have our hunches! The design all began with a few simple ideas and finishes, and that morphed into some grand planning. After our meeting, and some phone calls, the client excitedly posted this picture on Instagram… We knew this was going to be a winner!

sample board

The Plan

After our original discussions, we knew we would do the following in the Whiskey Room:

  • Create custom walnut paneling for the walls
  • Add a custom built-in for storage and trophy display
  • Create a world map for the ceiling
  • Improve the lighting in the room
  • Furnish the room with a “clubby” vibe (think Ralph Lauren meets Old World Town & Country

Executing the Plan

We started with the walls, and no two walls in this room were quite the same. The windows on one wall were lower than the windows on the other, spacing between the windows was different, we had to incorporate paneling going up a set of stairs and there was a painted wall that was already paneled which needed to remain. After several drawings and many calls to our wood-working expert, Ryan, from Michael James Furniture, we finalized the drawings and got to work.


One wall “before”.

wood paneling

The start of paneling along one wall.

wood paneling

Progress continues.

wood paneling

Next step: mouldings will be added.

We designed a walnut built-in with storage below and display above and had it installed along the back wall of the room. We incorporated some special details like raised oval panels and beaded mouldings.

oval door panel insert

The oval panels in the doors provide some relief to all the straight lines in the room.

custom cabinetry

The custom cabinetry is installed along the back wall of the room.

custom cabinetry

Once in position, the built-in cabinetry was stained to match the surrounding paneling.

Once the paneling and built-in were complete, the walls were protected with plastic sheeting and it was time to watch the ceiling receive its due. We called upon Billet Collins Studio to create an old world map mural that would be installed on the ceiling of the Whiskey Room. The mural was created at their studio and then transported to Chadds Ford for installation. The map is so large that it had to be completed in two separate sections that were joined on the ceiling onsite.

custom mural

A little insight into the painstaking detail that goes into a map ceiling mural

map ceiling

The mural is installed onsite. Here you get a feel for how large the mural is.

ceiling map

The ceiling lights in the room were carefully placed so as not to distract from the map

The fireplace wall was originally paneled and painted when our clients purchased the home. We kept the panel in place and had the wall painted to look like the paneling elsewhere in the room, but had the panel insets painted to look like burl wood.

custom cabinetry

Halfway there: the panels have been made to look like burl and the remaining areas imitate the paneled walls elsewhere in the room.

And what is behind the double doors on the fireplace wall? Well, what Whiskey Room would be complete without a hidden bar?

Custom walls and ceiling

The room takes shape with its custom walls, built-in and ceiling mural.

But Wait, There’s More

But there is so much more to do and see! Since these pictures were taken, the furniture has arrived and been arranged in the room, a custom metal base ottoman is being made and window treatments in the plaid fabric below are being completed. We plan to update our Blog when the room is complete. We’ll also show some other unique details in the house. Check back on our Blog in the future to see more of this project. Thank you for visiting!

Ralph Lauren plaid

Roman valances in this Ralph Lauren plaid will adorn the windows of the Whiskey Room.