AvenelDanziger Design enjoys working on residential and commercial projects of all sizes. Among the services we offer:

1. Full-Service Design

Full-Service Design is for clients who want Danziger Design to remain actively involved throughout the project. The designers will work with you to establish a design concept, manage budgets and scheduling, work with contractors and architects as well as provide AutoCAD drawings. In addition we assist with furnishing the space as well as selecting custom finishes, window treatments, flooring accessories, and lighting. We also design custom cabinetry and furniture.
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2. Commercial/Office Design

We can work with your team to evaluate your space, develop office interior designs, and provide furniture recommendations for all areas of your workspace. Danziger Design has the expertise to deliver outstanding office interior design solutions for you and your company. After receiving a consultation with Danziger Design, the commercial design team will help you to reach any of your strategic goals, turning your office into a comfortable and highly efficient space. Learn more!

3. Assistance With Transitioning From One Home to Another

Let’s face it, moving is tough, and we can help.  We will assist with creating an efficient use of space when moving from a large home to a smaller one.  On the other hand, we can help with space planning when moving from a small home to a larger one.

4. Design Consultation

Hourly consultations are generally for those who need help with a few select issues.  Some of these may include, but are not limited to, space planning for an office or paint selection and window treatment consultation for a private home.

5. Conceptual Design

Conceptual Design is for those who wish to do some of the research and procurement by themselves.  We will develop  floor/space plans, color  and furniture specifications, and  provide drawings for cabinetry.  The client is then able to execute what they need when they need it.